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Inception General Information

12-03-2010, 11:19 AM,
Inception General Information
Dark Eternal: Inception is a prequel to Dissolution built in the SC2 engine, taking place in the dormant realm and following the earlier exploits of Zenogias Sorence, when he was still Emperor of Norturne and had not yet come into contact with the Seraph.

Inception features co-operative third-person action rpg gameplay and a full cinematic storyline that will have you exploring the previously unseen capitol city of Lahana, and battling enemies both familiar and foreign.

Inception will feature 6 levels, each complete with their own gameplay mechanics and boss fights. Choose from Zenogias, Ehrix or Jeros; each with their own distinct talents and abilities.

Many Cameos from characters in Dissolution and Kiketsu Houmuru, including B-Rad and Bunny Girl, Malakai, Ehren, Rand, Nikolai, Stormy and more.

And much more.

You can currently find Inception in beta form on US Check it out and post your feedback right here on the Inception forums!
12-04-2010, 12:40 AM,
Re: Inception General Information
Sadly, I dont own SC2 ( Confusedhock: ) so I cant play it...
12-04-2010, 06:45 AM,
Re: Inception General Information
I just played through DE:I and found my way here from the link in the game.

Very impressive work, especially on the cinematics. I was disappointed that it ended so quickly. Only played one game so I cant really comment on balance, although Zenogias seemed to be extremely powerful when used properly (combination of the aoe attack and drain life). One minor nitpick, in some of Malakai's cutscenes, it calls him Tosh.
12-04-2010, 07:47 AM,
Re: Inception General Information
Yea, keep in mind the current version on is a beta, and is very far from perfect. I'm releasing a decent sized update tonight that will fix several issues, including the name "tosh" sneaking in every once in awhile

Only 2 of 6 levels are currently in the game. There is much more to come Big Grin
12-19-2010, 01:11 PM,
Re: Inception General Information
Played parts 1 and 2 (of 6). Great fun.

My main compliment would be the mapping and cut-scenes. Beautiful views of the landscape, and I like how the cut scenes give you a bird's eye view during speech, something for people who know the dialogue already to admire.

I love the wraith cloaking system. Keeps the players alert, and keeps the monsters from looking like textbook Zerg - very important when 90% of rpg modules are "go kill some Zerg". You struck gold with that decision, in my opinion.

I usually play maps solo, even if they 'require' 3 players. I wasn't able to skip the cinematics even though no one else was in the game. Don't know if that can be fixed.

*** SPOILERS ***

I was still able to play the game, but it took a dozen deaths to level Zenogias up enough so I could solo. I got teleport, and items from B-Rad, before fighting the first boss, that teleporting goo-blob.

There is an item from B-Rad that's supposed to deal burst damage on attacks, as well as regenerate your shields. I think it was regenerating my hp instead. Without actually casting life leech on anyone, I had the speed attack upgrades, the splash damage and regen mod, and teleport-charge. I couldn't die against anything as long as I was attacking, because my attacks were healing my hp. Malakai got roasted, and I killed the Cerberus beast before Nightmare came even once.

One problem is that the attack speed bonuses stack fully. For example, if you had an attack speed of 1.5, a weapon that was supposed to give 50% (here programmed as -0.5) and a buff spell for 50% (again a -0.5), you would attack at 0.5 instead of 1.5. That's three times faster than before, for three times the attacks. You may have only wanted 50% and 50% to make the player twice as fast (at +100%).

Zenogias, with his speed attack skill, fast weapon, and Dark Hunger temporary buff, attacks at speed 0.19 - over 5 times faster than he used to. Combined with any form of constant life-leech on his attacks, he's immortal.

However you slice it, the game is still great fun. I hope every day that new parts get released, but I also feel that way about DE2. One or the other, I guess.

12-26-2010, 09:57 AM,
Re: Inception General Information
Where can we download it? Do we have to make an account at to play the game? >.>
12-26-2010, 10:11 PM,
Re: Inception General Information
It's for Starcraft 2, so if you don't have it you won't be able to play.

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