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Loved The Game! Absolutely Mind blowing!

11-02-2009, 02:18 AM,
Loved The Game! Absolutely Mind blowing!
Dissolution was amazing, I am extremely impressed with the game. The Story, Music, Graphics, and characters all mesh together perfectly to create this masterpiece. I'm so looking forward to the complete sequel, I do hope its well on its way to completion. Good work to all involved, and good luck (=.

PS: Just an opinion of mine, I think the music from chapter 1 of Dark Eternal II is a bit lacking currently, it really could use some more guitar epics such as the darkbeach.mp3 and boss/altboss songs from Dissolution. The bleach music is great though, keep up the good work.
11-03-2009, 08:19 PM,
Re: Loved The Game! Absolutely Mind blowing!
Thank you for the kind words, I always love to hear from people who enjoyed dissolution.

As for the music, the music you heard in chapter 1 of DE2, while partially permanent, is not set in stone whatsoever. In fact, as of now, Chapter 2 has about 15-16 new tracks (6-7 of which replaced old tracks that were placeholders in Chapter 1, the rest are in additon)

That being said, you will notice in DE2 that the themes, both visually and musiclly, will be much darker than DEBig Grin. The reason for this is simple, in DEBig Grin you played a character that was seemingly innocent. Although you knew little about him, the way he acted and appeared to be was for the most part *in the middle* of the road. Also, the world itself was in something of a decent shape.

In DE2 there is a stark contrast. The character you play has been awakened to his true self, a character that is far from virtuous. The world has been torn apart and taken over by soul-eating apparitions and everybody is dying or about to die from an unstoppable pestilence.

The same style of music, the same feel to the universe will still be there. Just expect everything to be Darker, and more brutal. Especially in the storyline and the music.

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