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Yesterday, 04:42 PM, (This post was last modified: Yesterday, 04:42 PM by summon.)
RE: Bug?
I believe I found something else that hasn't been mentioned here:

In the forest just before Akasou (I think; it's the area covered in pink) there's a point where Zeno faints and a cutscene of a Quantum Mathematics lesson starts. After a short teacher's introduction the teacher walks toward Zeno/Danis and then - nothing. Music keeps playing and Sanity bar flashes on button press, but otherwise I'm in a lock.

Any chance this is already fixed in 0.9.2? I was still downloading when I started playing, so this occurred on 0.9.0.

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Yesterday, 11:20 PM,
RE: Bug?
I had that exact problem, so yes, it should be fixed.
6 hours ago, (This post was last modified: 1 hour ago by Sawsage.)
RE: Bug?
I wonder if all these bug reports are going to slow development of Ch.6...
Anyways, an actual image this time!
Pic on the left has a bugged railway (that Zenogias is facing) where you hop right back on as soon as you hop off.
Pic on the right shows what is probably an unintentional pathway.

A few other questions/notes as well.
I'm able to cast Oni Stance on others, but not Kumo Stance. Is that intentional? (If not, I'm going to dread repeats of valorous encounter #2...)
Sakura's Demonfall renders her unable to act for the rest of a fight if she tries to cast a spell while under the effects of it.

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