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DE2 v0.6.5 Announcement

07-28-2015, 08:10 PM, (This post was last modified: 07-28-2015, 08:11 PM by Hakuzen.)
Brick  DE2 v0.6.5 Announcement
The official break from development is over, but rather than jump right into chapter 4 I have decided to devote a month or so to fixing up and adding polish to v0.6.

Officially known as v0.6.5, this updated version of DE2 will be coming near the end of the summer. Although it will not include a new chapter, it will include a host of improvements, fixes and some additional content in chapters 1 - 3. Here's a small list of the major additions/fixes in v0.6.5.

Change Overview: (List subject to change)
-The notorious "NOMETHOD" fatal crash has been resolved.
-Various battle backgrounds have been improved/replaced.
-Primary Game Font has been replaced. 
-Major rebalance of magik talents.
-Major rebalance of chapters 1 & 2 dungeons/enemies.
-Dark Eternal: Dissolution Clear file bonus implemented.
-Minor changes to soundtrack.
-Various Bug Fixes

Change Details:

No Method Fatal Crash:
This was a fatal error that occurred on certain boss fights in DE2. Although it only effected a small handful of fights, it was still a major pain due to the nature of the fights where it was most likely to occur in. (boss fights with heavy cinematics.)

Battle Backgrounds:
When I upgraded the engine and increased the size of the battle backgrounds, there were a few areas I could not find good assets for. Since then, I have slowly procured some additional art that much better fits said areas. Roughly a half-dozen areas have received new battle background art.

Primary Game Font:
In v0.4, I changed the primary game font to Neverwinter; a classic D&D font that I thought fit the game well. Unfortunately, this font was a little too "fancy" and some were not able to read it very well; especially those who english is not their first language. In v0.6.5, I have decided to replace this font again, but this time with a much more readable font. Note: This font mainly effects menus and combat, and does not effect in-game dialogue and other various systems/assets.

Magik Rebalance:
Essence magik was originally balanced differently when the game was planned to only be 20 hours in length. Now that the game's scope has been increased and will likely surpass 30 hours in total gameplay, a rebalance was needed to make sure the numbers didn't get out of control. ALL spells have been touched, some more than others. You will see very little difference in certain spells, but a large difference in others. In addition, the tooltip/help message for all spells have been updated to more accurately portray the power of the spell.

Enemy / Dungeon Rebalance:
Like Essence Magik, the balance for enemies and dungeons became a little wonky when the game's scope changed. All characters now have a more uniform xp curve, and the enemies / dungeons you will face have all been rebalanced to compensate for the curve change. In effect, Chapter 1 & 2's difficulty should decrease slightly overall and be less "Spikey". Chapter 3's difficulty should remain about the same.

Dark Eternal: Dissolution Clear File Bonus:
This was a feature that was always planned for and promised, but simply fell through the cracks. Although previously a message would appear stating "Dissolution clear bonus activated" at the beginning of the game, there was no actual effect. In v0.6.5, there will be about a half dozen "benefits" you will receive in chapters 1 thru 3. These benefits include an augmented starting inventory, unique items, special NPCs, Special Talents, Unique Essences, and even a key item that can later be used to build a special building in "Pandora", the player-built city in Chapter 4. That is only the beginning, as there will be more content in chapters 4-6 exclusive to players who cleared DE: D.

Minor Soundtrack Changes:
A few older BGMs were replaced, in an ongoing effort to coalesce the soundtrack and get rid of some old outliers that date back to the Alpha.

Various Bug Fixes:
Quite a few in-level errors have been resolved that were missed in beta testing, creating an experience that is more Immersive overall.

Well that's it. As much as I'd like to jump right into Chapter 4 development, some of the problems listed above would only get far worse if not addressed now. If you have yet to play v0.6, I reccomend waiting for this new version as it will be a far better experience overall.

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