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Dark Eternal II: v0.6 Released!

06-06-2015, 09:00 AM, (This post was last modified: 06-06-2015, 09:00 AM by Hakuzen.)
Video  Dark Eternal II: v0.6 Released!
Hey Guys,

It took a little longer than expected, but I believe the delay was well worth it. Dark Eternal II v0.6 could very well be a complete game in it's own right, but rest assured it is only the half-way point. I'm very happy with how this chapter turned out, and I hope you will be as well.

You can download it Here.

There is about 15 hours of total gameplay available in this version, and as always I welcome all comments/questions/feedback.

Thanks for waiting and I hope you enjoy Chapter III!
06-09-2015, 06:54 PM,
RE: Dark Eternal II: v0.6 Released!
Nice! Downloading it now, but because of work I won't get to play too often lately, so it'l take some time before I can give my thoughts.
07-12-2015, 01:27 PM, (This post was last modified: 07-13-2015, 05:06 PM by Samarat.)
RE: Dark Eternal II: v0.6 Released!
Just completed chapter 3 and really liked it! Looking forward to the next one!

While playing, I found notable amount of glitches, bugs and just weird things. I was not aware about 6.1 patch until I finally finished chapter 3, but I checked what I could without actually replaying chapter from scratch and can confirm that most of them is still present in game.

Here is list (stuff that was checked with 6.1 patch is marked with "*"):

1) Error in first battle against Dave (yes, I started a new game instead of continuing chapter 2 save)

Script 'KGC_ActiveCountBattle' line 698: NoMethodError occured.
undefined method 'input_battler' for #<Scene_Map:0xc17a1cc>

Happened at very end of battle (when Dave yells: "This will be your end, Betrayer!", uses some lighting skill and battle should end). Maron was KO and Jade was barely alive (~60 hp). That is strange, because next battle with very similar scenario ended correctly.

2*) Unreachable chest in weeping woods (just before boss location)
[Image: Unreachable_Chest.jpg]
You cannot jump over log and neither you can walk around it (because that will pass though transition zone and you will end up in the next location)

3) Chars roadblock (Weeping woods, boss location)
[Image: Chars_Block.jpg]
This is what you will see if you enter boss location without pulling certain switch. I think closing location until switch is pulled (similar to the beginning of Weeping woods) would be better.  

4*) Essence strike of the Astyrrian essence is single-target. (despite description saying that it works on entire party)

5*) Is that intended that those two monsters respawn?
[Image: Respawnable_Things.jpg]
I grinded them quite heavily, acquired many "luxury" skills, forced Nahla to fully master the Dark Amaterasu... Local bossfight was a complete snooze after such preparations.

6*) If you try to backtrack to Zenogias's starting location you will end up here.
[Image: Wrong_Destination.jpg]

7*) Glyph of the sorcerer states that its "a glyph of unmathed agility" despite giving boost to intelligence.

8*) The guard on left is a bit odd. Did someone taken a scalp from him?
[Image: Minor_Glitch.jpg]

9*) Once you pass through shrine to transportation pond Ekei is sealed off - you cannot return back to the shrine.

10) In Ekei consul building stepping on cracks produces notification that ninjas have noticed you even if you walked around and killed them already.

11*) When suspiciously calm scholar's quest ends he is still stands where he is and talks like quest is still in progress (instead of disappearing or saying something more appropriate). Unbroken lamb in Akasou behaves just like him (stays in her cell after quest completion and talks like you have just initiated the quest).
Didn't done any of anger quests (playing depressive Zenogias for now), but think that they will end in same way.

12*) Having more than one "page" of items in equipment menu often puts highlighting out of synch with item that is really chosen when you try to scroll to the unseen area. However you can still check what you really chosen by description.
[Image: Out_Of_Synch_Highlighting.jpg]
Glyph of the Sorcerer is highlighted, but by description (and in reality) Dark Oath is chosen.

13*) Ehrix weapon skill states that its "a basic meiton performed with Ehrix wretched." Wretched what?

14*) Its VERY hard for me to report this one. It just soooo useful! Basically Boreas essence drains fire damage instead of amplifying it and when someone masters it fire draining also stays on him permanently!
[Image: Fire_Drain.jpg]
Akasou officer just used immolation (mass fire attack). Zenogias (essence already mastered) and Desala (essence just taken) drained fire damage.

15*) Marked passage on screenshot below is blocked off by a tree. You can still slip in by walking up on the wall (which technically shouldn't be passable) and interacting with it from the side, but that will trap you because on exit you won't be able to walk away because of tree.
[Image: Blocked_Passage.jpg]

16) If you stupidly walk behind the any of buttons in the east wing of bastion of moral authority you will be trapped as pressed button becomes impassable.
[Image: Wrong_Side.jpg]

17*) For some reason, during the cutscene where Odel gives Zenogias a new skill in Akasou Ehrix have Sakura's sprite.
[Image: Strange_Cinematics.jpg]

18*) Rune of swift killer have wrong description (says heart seeker instead of swift killer)

And some questions:
Can passive skills like Void X/Drain X be put at the bottom of skillsheet?
Why old weapon techniques remain in stash when you acquire more advanced ones? You cannot do anything with them - they just hog up space.

Edit: removed last question - I just missed it in BGMs. And worded #17 a bit better.
07-13-2015, 07:22 PM,
RE: Dark Eternal II: v0.6 Released!
Wow! Some of those I could have swore I fixed, but either way that's an impressive list.

I'm working on v0.6.5 now, and I'll use your list to augment my efforts in getting a much cleaner chapter 3 out this summer. 

To answer your questions, I would like passives to show up on the ability list; it is something I will look into. Also, the name of the BGM theme for the CPP is called "The Electric Wizard".

I'm glad you enjoyed Chp3 and thank you for the list!

As a quick aside, Can you tell me if you defeated both Valorous Encounters, and if so, how many tries it took you on each one respectively?
07-13-2015, 10:40 PM,
RE: Dark Eternal II: v0.6 Released!
Quote:To answer your questions, I would like passives to show up on the ability list; it is something I will look into.

I must have phrased it badly. I didn't mean that passives are not present in skillsheet, I just want to move them to the bottom of skill list because it is a bit annoying to scroll through them every time I needed a skill from lower half of list.

Now to the Valorous Encounters. Of course I finished both of them.

In first one it took me around 11 tries to finally understand which parts of floor are dangerous and should be avoided. Entity's familiars were easy and gave me no troubles. Now to the Entity himself.

At first it was very hard to keep up the pace with him. At my sixth or seventh try I discovered a little trick that made battle a lot easier. I defeated him in that battle, but Brian was dead when Entity received the final blow. Because I never count battle that ends with dead characters as win, I had to retry two more times. In first odds were in Entity's favor and my party was obliterated, but in second one I won with all chars alive (and also spend less curative items). This finishes first encounter.

First try in second one was typical "looking around, checking what the local Entity's familiars are, reaching the Entity himself and suffering a miserable defeat". From second try I started to draw a map of that twisted place, checking the boss whenever I ended up in passage that leads to him. At my fifth try I accidentally defeat the boss (yes, accidentally. He just suddenly died when I was already sure that it will be another defeat). At sixth try I finished drawing a map and used Alt+F4 to leave. Now only thing left was a final run whose objectives were: defeat all familiars and collect all goodies using my map and then beat the boss using slightly modified tactics from fifth battle. It was executed flawlessly at first try.
11-18-2015, 08:25 PM,
RE: Dark Eternal II: v0.6 Released!
Thanks for the excellent feedback, Samarat!

I just wanted to let you know that reordering passive abilities to the bottom of the ability menu is now on my list of programming tasks to investigate. 

There is no ETA, but I'm hoping to have it ready for Chapter 4 (v0.8)

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