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Registration - Daxisheart - 10-09-2009

So, After playing DEBig Grin, I thought about registering to congradulate the guys who made this... and the captcha thing, the one where you type in the generated letters... that was impossible. It took me at least six tries. I mean, I get why it's done after those(very weird, I remember) spam attacks, but still... I couldn't read a single thing.

Also, there was a small delay in the activation mail. Just saying.

Re: Registration - Hakuzen - 10-09-2009

Yea, I'm very sorry about that but it is absolutley neccisary to stop spammers.

I had the captcha settings set *ONE STEP* below what they are now, and a few spammer bots still got through..

It's sad, but I have to have captcha set to absolute MAX to thwart all spammers. I apologize for the inconvenience, in the future we will look at more practical solutions.

Re: Registration - MakesGoodSandwich - 09-19-2010

I have to agree. At first, I couldn't download and wanted to ask for help in the forums but when I registered, the colors just CLASH into each other, making it hard to see and it also took me six tries to finally make an account.