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Full Version: Dark Eternal II: Chapter IV - Closed Beta Begins
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just wanted to drop a quick note about Chapter IV's progress.

I'm happy to announce that principal development is now complete, and closed beta testing is now underway.  I expect the first round of testing to be done by Sunday, November 20th and will culminate with the release of the open beta version that will be available to all previous testers / contributors. A Chapter 3 clear save will be provided in the open beta for those who want to dive in but have lost their save file from a previous version.

Chapter IV follows the abduction of Zenogias into the Void Realm, and culminates with Nahla learning the truth about her journey with Brian through the ruins of Nikotha. Just like Chapter 3, there are two brand new Valorous Encounters as well as the return of a few memorable characters that haven't been see since Dark Eternal: Dissolution. This chapter is extremely plot heavy, and will answer one of the prime questions left dangling from Dissolution's cliff-hanger ending.

If you are not interested in playing the beta, you can look forward to an official release sometime in early December.